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Lloyd & Mousilli's Incorporate in Delaware service is a quick and easy way to incorporate your company for a fraction of the typical legal costs. Delaware has business-friendly regulations which is why thousands of companies choose to incorporate there each year.

This is the essential first step prior to purchasing your Delaware Post Incorporation Documents and issuing stock to founders in your company.

Incorporating in Delaware is the overwhelming popular choice for anyone who is:

  • Looking to establish a US Presence; and
  • Seeking Venture Capital investment; and
  • Projecting accelerated growth or planning to go public.

With Lloyd & Mousilli's’ Incorporate in Delaware service you will get:

  • Certificate of Incorporation – This is a legal document relating to the formation of your company and is drafted by experienced Silicon Valley lawyers. Your Certificate of Incorporation will be stamped by the State of Delaware when your company formation is approved.
  • Proprietary Lloyd & Mousilli startup checklist – Our proprietary checklist was carefully prepared to provide you with important next steps for launching your venture, how to use your documents, and important filing dates. It is very detailed and easy to follow.
  • State of Delaware filing fee - included in the total price.
  • Expedited processing – Your form will be processed with the State of Delaware and, assuming there are no formality issues, a stamped copy will be returned to your document folder within 2-3 business days at no additional charge.
  • Service handling fee – This is the fee for coordinating your form processing with the State of Delaware, included in the total price.
  • Annual registered agent fee for the first year – We secured a competitive annual agent renewal fee of $150 for you. After your initial purchase, this fee is paid directly to the agent for subsequent years with no further obligation to Lloyd & Mousilli. Our flat fee for forming your company in Delaware includes the annual registered agent fee for the first year.
  • Electronic signature – We offer a fast electronic signature feature that is compliant with US and international E-Sign legislation and the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act.

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