Learn how L&M has monetized this viral meme phenomenon

Company Size:
Small Business (1-25 employees)
Hampton, Virginia

Services Utilized

Monetization Through Licensing Program Development

U.S & International Trademark Registration & Enforcement

U.S & International Copyright Registration & Enforcement

Contract Negotiations

Corporate Structuring

Their Story

FlorkofCows is a viral meme phenomenon known for its quirky and delightfully surreal humor, portraying anthropomorphic “sock” characters in often absurd scenarios. Created by Brian DiAntonio in 2012, Flork began as a simple doodle, serving as a creative outlet amidst the stress of college life. Brian would eventually begin publishing the webcomic in 2016, and its evolution since that time has been extraordinary.


Growth with L&M

L&M has assisted The Flork Company by crafting a strategic intellectual property portfolio to ensure adequate protection against infringement. Additionally, L&M continues to negotiate licensing agreements with prominent enterprises ranging from Heinz and PepsiCo to Bignardi and Carvajal.


"L&M helped me get my IP in order. Without them, I’m not sure where I would be. The staff is professional, knowledgeable, and helped with every step of the process!"


L&M’s IP team has filed trademark applications both in the U.S. and internationally to protect the FlorkofCows brand name and design, safeguarding its unique brand and reputation in the online comic landscape. Trademark registrations preserve the integrity of the Flork name, while also allowing for future development and expansion of the brand.

Copyright Enforcement

Lloyd & Mousilli has assisted FlorkofCows in achieving copyright protection for the comic's infamous sock characters, and remains vigilant in safeguarding those registrations. L&M routinely pursues online infringers who aim to capitalize on the Flork brand without permission.

Licensing Agreements

FlorkofCows' distinctive blend of surreal humor and anthropomorphic characters makes it instantly recognizable among fans of online comics - and popular brands are taking notice. Lloyd & Mousilli has negotiated numerous licensing agreements regarding the use of FlorkofCows characters by well-known companies, both in the U.S and abroad. Notable licensees include Soko (Heinz), Ampfy (PepsiCo) and Bignardi in Brazil, Carvajal in Colombia, and Tupperware in the U.S.

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