Learn how L&M is helping a women-led design studio thrive

Company Size:
Small Business (1-25 employees)
Houston, Texas
Black + Gray

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Contract Review

Employment Agreement

Master Services Agreement


Black + Gray Studio is a Houston-based design firm that offers a variety of customized services to clients, including branding, digital marketing, packaging, project management, and app prototyping. Black + Gray provides personalized support that allows their clients around the world to increase recognition and achieve success.


Black + Gray is a women-owned company, founded by Angela Martinez and Courtney Roberts. Both women are passionate design experts who specialize in providing unique and thoughtful design services across a variety of industries. Their intentional and hands-on approach allows them to build meaningful relationships with their clients, with the goal of arriving at successful outcomes for both parties.


Over time, L&M has developed a trusted and communicative relationship with Angela and Courtney. As a result, the firm has had the honor of providing Black + Gray Studio with a variety of corporate and legal services. L&M and Black + Gray have worked together to develop Terms & Conditions Agreements, Trademarks, Employment Agreements, and Master Services Agreements that protect Black + Gray’s founders, their intellectual property, and the overall business.


Lloyd & Mousilli has worked with Black + Gray to secure trademarks to protect their brand’s image and identity. The firm’s expertise in trademark application procedures gave the founders confidence in allowing the firm to manage the process. The result is a properly protected brand that allows the founders to focus on what matters- customer service and business growth.


"When we first reached out to Lloyd & Mousilli we felt ill-equipped to handle any legal issues. On our initial phone call we were given sound advice and a clear path forward. Since that time, 5 years ago, we have continued to partner with this amazing team. They are always supportive and keep our business size in thoughtful consideration- while never making us feel too small to work with."


Since Black + Gray provides a variety of client services, it is critical to have comprehensive agreements ensuring that both parties have mutual understanding and expectations of the work. L&M has helped to draft and execute clear and concise master services agreements for Black + Gray Studio, providing the founders with peace of mind when entering into agreements.


As Black + Gray Studio has grown and expanded, their team has needed to do the same, and L&M has established a structure for employment that is both clear and thorough. The firm drafted employment agreements that reflect the goals of the company, while also maintaining the appropriate business and legal protections. Lloyd & Mousilli has also assisted the founders in drafting an employee handbook that coincides with their employment agreements.

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