Learn how L&M is supporting a high-quality tech accessories company

Company Size:
Small Business (1-25 employees)
Austin, Texas

Services Utilized

Fictitious Business Name



Tech accessories reimagined

Bluebonnet is a high-quality leather goods brand that creates technology accessories, including cases for laptops, iPhones and AirPods. Bluebonnet’s products are unique due to their creative combination of functionality and style.

Their story

Bluebonnet was founded in a small studio in Austin, Texas by Farhad Rizvi. His products were inspired by the simplicity and elegance of nature and designed using high-quality materials. Bluebonnet has since ascended in popularity, and their products can now be found in major retailers. The company is continuing to expand its product line to include additional tech accessories.

Working with Feras and his team has enabled me to take Bluebonnet to the next level. Feras’ team was able to guide us through highly complex intellectual property and go-to-market strategies for each of our product designs. As a result, we’re better positioned and protected to enter licensing conversations, and scale our business at the speed we want.

Growth with L&M

L&M has supported Bluebonnet in a range of legal services, allowing the firm to witness the company’s growth and success first-hand. L&M has offered Bluebonnet strategic guidance in establishing fictitious business names, trademarks, patents, and co-branding.


L&M has continuously worked withBluebonnet to secure patents for their unique product designs. As the company expands, the risk of infringement increases. With patents, the company is able to protect their designs, ideas, and the brand’s style.


L&M assisted Bluebonnet with all of their trademark needs to protect the brand’s image and products. The firm managed the process in full, giving Bluebonnet peace of mind so they could focus on their customers and creative designs.


Bluebonnet’s products are recognized for their sleek designs and expert craftsmanship. As such, the company was presented the opportunity to partake in creative co-branding projects, such as this leather case design inspired by the literary classic, Le Petit Prince. It is important to consider a number of business and legal aspects involved in co-branding projects, so L&M answered the company’s questions and provided guidance to ensure a simplified process.

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