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Artificial Intelligence
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Small Business (1-25 employees)
Houston, Texas

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Foreign Qualifications

Financing Rounds

Employment Agreement

Customer Contracts

Deepfakes Are Making  Real Connections

Tavus is an artificial intelligence service that creates personalized videos through the use of deepfakes, or synthetic media, for companies to produce customizable content on a large scale. Businesses can create videos for the purpose of marketing, outreach, sales, recruiting, fundraising and more while effortlessly tailoring them to specific individuals or leads.

Their Story

In 2020, Hassaan Raza and Quinn Favret joined forces to design a platform that would allow companies to achieve optimal growth while remaining close to what really matters - the customers. Through their collective expertise in technology, engineering, and startup growth, Tavus was born. The Tavus mission is fueled by a desire to allow companies to maintain important personal connections with their future customers and partners, all while saving time, effort, and costs.


“It was a pleasure working with Lloyd & Mousilli through the formation and growth of Tavus. Their legal expertise provided us valuable insight as an early-stage startup as we navigated IP, fundraising, and other legal topics. We are thankful for L&M’s vision and representation, as well as practical business advice, in fostering our growth as a start-up.”

Growth With L&M

L&M has had the honor of collaborating with Tavus since their formation. From seeing them through impressive financing rounds, to supporting their rapid company growth, L&M has offered legal guidance and expertise to help Tavus evolve from a mere concept into a successful, tangible business. The firm has provided support at every turn, including in areas such as structure and negotiation, employment agreements, customer contracts, and licensing agreements.

Foreign  Qualifications

In addition to guiding Tavus in the establishment of their corporate governance, L&M has also aided in the company’s aspirations to secure the rights to transact business across the United States. The firm has helped the company determine which states they need to become established in, and managed the process within each new jurisdiction. L&M will continue to support Tavus as they expand further, scaling efforts to match their impressive growth.

Financing Rounds

A crucial step in the Tavus journey was raising the capital needed to propel the startup in its beginning stages. The unique nature of their services attracted enormous attention, and Tavus was soon accepted by Y Combinator and Sequoia Capital. L&M managed the structure and negotiation of these financing rounds to ensure due diligence and proper guidance. The firm worked with Tavus to successfully complete multiple high-capital financing rounds, all while protecting the company’s customer-focused vision.

Employment Agreements

As Tavus has grown, so has their need for a qualified and dedicated team. L&M has had the pleasure of drafting all of the company’s employment agreements, ensuring they are comprehensive and beneficial to all parties.


Due to the distinct and niche nature of the services provided by Tavus, L&M expected the company to experience rapid growth in a short amount of time. In preparation, the firm worked to quickly secure the appropriate intellectual property protections, namely trademarks. L&M has extensive experience in obtaining both domestic and international trademarks, as well as an unmatched prowess in navigating the USPTO’s complex procedures. These assets served Tavus well in protecting their image and vision.

Customer Contracts

Unsurpsiringly, Tavus has become a desirable service for a number of large companies. As such, L&M has worked with the founders to create customer contracts that reflect the intricacies of the technology, contain thorough provisions, and provide necessary protections against incidentals. L&M understands that by creating flawless and effective customer contracts from the start, future agreements are made effortless.

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