Learn how L&M entered the ring to protect this jewelry brand’s designs

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Small Business (1-25 employees)
New York City, New York

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Fry Powers is a high quality fashion jewelry brand created by New York based designer Allison Fry. The brand is known for its bright colors, fun shapes, and long-lasting materials. Fry Powers jewelry has now been seen worn by celebrities and on magazine covers around the world.


Allison founded Fry Powers while studying at the Parsons School of Design. Inspired by her eye for fashion and creative family, Allison created hand-crafted pieces for her friends, and eventually grew the company to the international competitor that it is today.


L&M enjoys the opportunity to assist companies at any stage of their business journey, whether that be during startup phases or at the height of success. The firm partnered with Fry Powers at a stage of significant growth, and has had the honor of counseling the business in IP protections, infringement cases, and corporate contracts.

Allison’s unique style and passion for design has spread throughout the fashion world. Fry Powers jewelry has been sported by celebrities such as Gigi Hadid, Sarah Jessica Parker and Halsey and featured in publications including Vogue, Elle, and Cosmopolitan.


Though it began as a hobby, Fry Powers is now an internationally recognized and praised brand. L&M has been working with the business to expand their intellectual property protection to match the scope of their global reach. The firm’s relationships with counsel around the world have allowed for collaboration in securing legal safeguards for Fry Powers. L&M is currently working with the company to seek trademark protections in China and beyond.


As Fry Powers has expanded, the company has partnered with various other vendors and services to assist with press, public relations, and other marketing initiatives. Lloyd & Mousilli has negotiated on behalf of Allison and Fry Powers to ensure the most beneficial terms for her company.


Increased notoriety often comes with an increased risk of infringement, which is no secret to Fry Powers. L&M has worked with Allison and the company to anticipate any conflicts, and respond swiftly and effectively. The firm’s intellectual property expertise has been crucial in guaranteeing the defense of the Fry Powers brand against infringement, knock-offs, and counterfeits.


The growing success of Fry Powers has made it necessary to put proper brand protections in place. L&M has been working with the company to apply for copyright registrations, design patents, and other safeguards that will preserve Fry Powers, including its brand, images, ideas, and designs.

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