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Feras Mousilli

Managing Partner

Experienced Intellectual Property & Technology Counsel

Over 15 years of experience representing the world’s biggest companies like Apple and Dell to helping founders form startups.

Our Managing Partner, Feras Mousilli, has the experience across legal deals to guide your company through every stage of growth.

Why Hire Us?

Experienced counsel without Silicon Valley fees

There’s a reason that 90% of our business comes from referrals: our reputation precedes us as the “go to” lawyers for efficiency.

If you are building products or services — we have the legal experience your business growth needs to succeed.

"Where other lawyers just find problems, L&M lawyers provide solutions."

We earn our seat

Big Law skills, without Big Law fees

You typically get over the enchantment of fancy conference rooms of the Big Law firm you hired after reviewing your first invoice from the partner billing in the four digits an hour…

We believe when you hire an attorney, your attorney should feel like part of the team — not someone you’re afraid to reach out to because of costs. We earn our seat at our clients tables with every single matter.

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Fee Arrangements

We offer both fixed rate and hourly pricing, depending on the matter.

Fixed Fee
per case

Flat fee is generally appropriate for items below

Trademark applications

Corporate formations

New contract drafts

Patent applications

Fixed fees are for discrete issues that are fairly routine and easy to predict. Your engagement letter will list exact fees.

Hourly Fee
per case

Rates vary widely for attorneys and support staff

Appropriate for litigation

Contract negotiations

Responding to USPTO

Counseling on legal questions

Feras Mousilli, Managing Partner has a standard hourly rate of $725, but can vary depending on the volume and type of work.

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