Copyright Registration and Protection Services

Significant time, effort, and financial resources are expended in developing a creative work. Securing copyright protection to safeguard ownership rights are critical and allow you to capitalize on these investments.

Lloyd & Mousilli helps startups, technology companies, architects, artists, authors, engineers, photographers, and other creators determine whether their creative material is entitled to copyright protection. If it is, we help protect and control the use of their work through securing copyrights.

A copyright is a form of legal protection provided by federal law that gives the copyright holder certain exclusive rights for the use and distribution of an original work of authorship. These rights include the exclusive legal right to print, publish, perform, film or record literary, artistic, or musical materials, and the right to authorize others to do the same. In essence, a copyright protects your unique ideas and material from being used or profited from by others.

Copyright law covers a very broad range of intellectual, artistic, and creative forms, including but not limited to:

  • Literary works, including computer programs and databases (with or without illustrations, published or unpublished). Examples include books, poetry, manuscripts, reports, speeches, pamphlets, brochures, textbooks, catalogs, and directories;
  • Musical works, including any accompanying words (the original composition and arrangement, as well as modified versions having added copyrightable material);
  • Dramatic works and any accompanying music (e.g., a play, screenplay, and radio or television scripts but not the title of a program or series of programs);
  • Pantomines and choreographic works;
  • Visual arts works, including pictorial, graphic, and sculptural works and two-dimensional and three-dimensional works of fine, graphic, and applied art. Examples include advertisements, bumper stickers, comic strips, collages, dolls, toys, drawings, greeting cards, puzzles, photographs, posters, reproductions, and technical drawings such as blueprints, diagrams, or architectural plans;
  • Motion pictures and other audiovisual works (including the camera work, dialogue, sounds); and
  • Sound recordings (both the performance and the engineering or production).

At Lloyd & Mousilli, we handle all aspects of copyright law. Our legal team assists artists, musicians, publishers, software companies, writers, photographers, and businesses with protecting their online content, published media, and other original works.

We represent clients in a variety of copyright-related matters in both transactional and litigation situations. We can assist you through the process of applying for copyright registration and establishing a public record of your claim. Additionally, if someone is using your idea or material without your authorization, we can help to enforce your copyright protections.

Lloyd & Mousilli copyright lawyers offer our clients detailed opinions on whether new or contemplated products would infringe upon the intellectual property, including copyright, of another business. Our law firm attorneys research related products or technology, prosecution history of the competition’s designs, and related intellectual property. Fully analyzing the scope of a competitor’s product guides our client strategies for developing or introducing novel products in the marketplace to avoid otherwise challenging legal issues.

Our attorneys have experience representing clients during litigation regarding copyright infringement, license, and royalty disputes, and other copyright-related matters.

To learn more about common questions about copyrights in the United States, see the following FAQs.

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