Drafting, Negotiating, and Maintaining Business Contracts

Every single business will, at one time or another, enter into some type of contract. In fact, the very act of engaging in any business—providing a good or service for profit—inherently creates a contractual relationship.

Because contracts are fundamental tools of business, it is imperative that they are precisely written and carefully negotiated to address potential risks. Each agreement that you or your business enters into should be drafted in such a way that it ensures all of your business rights are protected, that the contract benefits your business, and that it does not create any unnecessary burdens or liabilities. The Lloyd & Mousilli legal team is comprised of experienced business litigators and seasoned negotiators who represent clients in a sophisticated variety of business agreements.

Business owners and entrepreneurs often quickly realize the importance of having experienced counsel available to advise on day-to-day contracts that are critical to the success of their venture. Our clients frequently turn to us to assist in drafting and negotiating various contracts, including:

  • Business formation agreements;
  • Operating agreements;
  • Asset purchase agreements;
  • Master service agreements;
  • Non-competition, non-solicitation, and non-disclosure agreements;
  • Equipment and Real Property leases;
  • Sales and supply agreements;
  • Employment contracts for employees;
  • Contractor agreements;
  • Buy-sell agreements and other agreements among business owners;
  • Sale-leaseback transactions;
  • Business operating agreements;
  • Limited liability company and partnership agreements;
  • Shareholder and equity owner agreements;
  • Stock option, profits interest, and incentive compensation plans
  • Security agreements;
  • Business and real estate loan agreements;
  • Licensing and distribution agreements.
  • Other essential business agreements.

The importance of having experienced attorneys draft these types of critical contracts cannot be overstated, as they must be crafted in a way that appropriately allocates risk and accurately reflects the realities of the parties’ business relationship.

A good contract will reflect the true understanding and agreement of the parties in a clear and legally binding manner. A well-written contract can help protect you and your business from professional, financial, and legal issues down the road. A poorly written contract, however, may subject you and your business to significant risks. A few missed words, sloppy phrasing, or an imprecise term tucked deep within the deal could potentially cost you or your business a significant amount of money.

One of the most valuable benefits to having experienced counsel draft legal agreements is the attorney’s ability to protect the client’s interest by mitigating exposure to the hardships of costly litigation.

The attorneys at Lloyd & Mousilli have the skill and experience to draft and review contracts on behalf of small, mid-size, and large businesses, all of which demand the superior quality offered by our firm. We provide our clients with the information they need to enter into contracts fully aware of their rights and obligations.

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