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While Houston, Texas is known for outstanding Tex-Mex, home to NASA, and oil & gas capital of the world, it also has made a name for being a rising location in the technology and start up field. Lloyd & Mousilli attorneys have the experience in Houston business and skills to effectively and efficiently help you begin your new start up business. Lloyd & Mousilli’s attorneys understand the opportunities and concerns with creating Houston startups, and craft solutions that are tailor made for the type and stage of its clients’ startup company. From serving the biggest oil technology companies in Houston- Schlumberger, through helping found companies coming out of Rice and the University of Houston’s technology incubator program, we have the experience to help your business grow.

Lloyd & Mousilli’s experience representing start-up and emerging companies and their investors across a wide range of industries enables our attorneys to provide seasoned and practical advice to entrepreneurs and financing sources alike in the Houston area.

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From serving the biggest oil technology companies in Houston- Schlumberger, through helping found companies coming out of Rice and the University of Houston’s technology incubator program like Instafuel, we have the experience to help your business grow.

From Schlumberger through founding startups coming out of Rice or U of H, like Instafuel, we have the experience to help your business grow.

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Startup Development

In the initial phase of the startup business lifecycle, often called the Development stage, founders have a business idea and are ready to take the plunge. At this stage, we can assist you with preliminary legal matters including drafting a written agreement between the founders, deciding the best type of legal entity to suit your startup, creating the appropriate legal entity and the necessary corporate documents, and protecting the business’s intellectual property.

Startup Launch

At the Launch stage, while you and your team are busy developing your minimum viable product (“MVP”) and preparing it for release into the market, our legal team will work to ensure proper founder agreements are formed, initial investment documents are properly drafted, and independent contractor agreements (“ICA”), non-compete agreements, and non-disclosure agreements (“NDA”) are ready. We will also take the necessary legal steps to make sure the startup’s trademarks and/or patents are safe and secure.


We can assist in drafting a founders agreement between co-founders, deciding the best legal entity, and protecting the startup’s intellectual property.


The ability to raise funds- whether from friends and family, angel investors, or venture capitalists, is critical to your ability to grow. We can help structure the agreements for all types of investments.

Intellectual Property

Your startup’s intellectual property is your most valuable asset- we can help you secure patents, trademarks, and copyrights to protect your innovations against competitors of all sizes.

Accelerating Your Startup Growth

The expansion of internet markets, or “e-commerce,” and online business has opened up a world of opportunity for startup companies and entrepreneurs in the Houston area. This unique area of business provides new Houston companies the opportunity to grow and succeed in a variety of entrepreneurial ventures for a city that is already known for its rising technology industry. However, a business looking to secure long-term success must be aware of important and applicable legal standards and requirements. Lloyd & Mousilli is here to help.

We provide our clients with the legal guidance and business expertise necessary for a successful Houston start-up company. Our extensive experience in all types of businesses, and the related legal concerns, in and around the Houston area allow us to provide innovative legal expertise to businesses in all stages of their development. Indeed, we maintain a successful practice dealing with, amongst others, internet, cyberspace and technology laws.

Our firm also maintains a practice in litigation and alternative dispute resolution, which makes us uniquely qualified to provide our clients with cost-efficient legal resolutions in the event litigation becomes necessary. With options such as, mediation, negotiation, and arbitration, our legal expertise allows us to seek remedies for your specific disputes that do not always include costly and lengthy litigation.

In general, Houston startup companies typically must deal with more complex and a wider range of legal standards. Indeed, startup companies often conduct business across multiple states and countries thereby subjecting the businesses to national and international laws. In sum, taking steps to enhance and promote your business will require a thorough understanding of the options, which Lloyd & Mousilli’s attorneys are well equipped to do.

With our expertise in business standards and practices, we can help you take the first steps towards forming your startup company in the Houston area. This will include discussion of the most appropriate corporate entity form for efficient interstate commerce. We also provide our clients with guidance in forming, reviewing, and negotiating contracts at all stages of the business. It may include, amongst others, initial formation contracts, trade agreements, and employment contracts. We understand that each startup company may have different goals and objectives. So, we are dedicated to providing legal representation and counseling that fits the specific needs of your unique business venture.

Lloyd & Mousilli recommends its prospective clients to seek legal counsel at the inception of a business venture, so that your attorney will become knowledgeable and familiar with the intricacies of your company. In the unfortunate event that you face legal controversies in the future, an attorney’s familiarity with the enterprise may enable him to seek a course of action that specifically fits your business needs. If you are looking to form a startup company, contact us today to consult with an attorney who can discuss your legal needs and help you begin to take steps towards future business success. Ranging from entrepreneurs to research institutions to Fortune 500 companies, clients come to us at different stages of development looking for cost effective and experienced counsel. Whether a startup seeking first round financing or a seasoned industry player aspiring to grow, our practice has the experience and business backgrounds to provide quick cutting edge advice clients have come to expect not only in the Houston area, but also in today’s world.