Learn how L&M is helping aiXplain make artificial intelligence accessible for all

Artificial Intelligence
Company Size:
Small Business (1-25 employees)
Los Gatos, California

Services Utilized



L&M has worked with aiXplain to both protect and grow their company, ensuring that the business is on the most effective path to success. The firm has worked with aiXplain in many capacities, including foreign qualifications, terms of use, trademarks, and patents.


L&M has guided aiXplain through the complex world of corporate governance. One of these steps is registering the company to do business in multiple states, known as foreign qualification. The firm provided an analysis that determined which states would be appropriate, and managed all of the associated filings and applications.


As a technology-focused firm, L&M is experienced in drafting Terms of Use agreements. The firm developed documents that outlined the services, relationships, and intellectual property protections relevant to aiXplain and their customers. These agreements provided protections to the company while allowing them to remain transparent with those they do business with.


L&M managed the application procedures for aiXplain’s intellectual property protections, including trademarks. The firm’s IP experience allowed for a seamless process, allowing aiXplain to focus on their mission- increasing the availability of AI access to everyone.

"Within a few weeks, L&M’s team assumed responsibiity for our commercial, HR, trademark, and patent legal matters. Their senior partner, Feras, provided guidance with their wealth of knowledge and personal care. Overall, their teams are effective in working seamlessly to support our operations.”


aiXplain’s distinctive, ground-breaking technology makes it attractive for others in the same industry. Recognizing this risk, L&M assisted the compay with acquiring relevant patents for their technology. L&M continues to manage aiXplain’s patent portfolio, ensuring the company’s intellectual property remains properly protected.

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