Boutique Law Firm Handles Trademark Issues for Startups

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Boutique Law Firm Handles Trademark Issues for Startups
Lloyd & Mousilli, a boutique law firm specializing in intellectual property and technology law, offers strategic, attorney-led trademark services tailored for startups and small businesses, ensuring cost-effective and comprehensive protection throughout the entire IP lifecycle.

Lloyd & Mousilli, Attorneys & Counselors at Law

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Houston, TX - June 9, 2024 - There are countless trademark service providers available and seemingly attractive if further due diligence is not conducted. A quick search for “file trademark application” will yield sponsored advertisements for online providers aiming to provide a quick and easy, budget friendly experience for a “DIY” suite of trademark filings. Unfortunately, what is marketed is often not the best choice for a startup aiming to be optimized for long term growth and attractiveness to investors.

Strategic, attorney led trademark applications can still be an efficient process. As a boutique law firm specialized in intellectual property, technology law & related litigation - Lloyd & Mousilli's trademark practice was built with startups in mind. 

How to Work with Us

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  2. Provide details and context about your business
  3. Electronic engagement letters and flat fee payments

Lloyd & Mousilli Trademark Team

Lloyd & Mousilli's trademark practice consists of experienced legal counsel with real world experience in startups and small business. While their resumes are stacked with prominent experience at companies like Apple and Dell, as well as the USPTO itself - deserving equal attention is that they are small business owners themselves. Trademark strategies for startups and small businesses are not the same as an enterprise approach and there is no one size fits all solution. Focusing on obtaining strategic protection in a cost effective manner sets the Lloyd & Mousilli team apart.

Trademark Services Provided

  • Availability Searches
  • US and International Trademark Applications
  • Office Action Responses
  • Trademark Oppositions
  • Trademark Cancellations
  • Trademark Licensing
  • Trademark Sales
  • Trademark Infringement Monitoring 
  • Trademark Demand Letters
  • Trademark Litigation

From the clearance search before your brand launches to enforcing your trademark registration in court - Lloyd & Mousilli specializes in supporting startups through the entire IP life cycle. 

About Lloyd & Mousilli

Lloyd & Mousilli Trademark Lawyers

Lloyd & Mousilli is a boutique law firm specializing in intellectual property, technology law and related litigation. From its founding over a decade ago, headquartered in Houston, Texas, Lloyd & Mousilli has championed the strategic use of intellectual property, counseling businesses from new startups to enterprises.

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