Marlene Campbell

Marlene Campbell
Marlene Campbell
Senior Paralegal

Marlene Campbell is a Senior Paralegal at Lloyd & Mousilli.

As an established professional in the legal industry, Marlene Campbell brings a wealth of experience and educational background as a paralegal. Drawing on her expertise in legal research, client interviews, and investigation, along with a comprehensive understanding of Texas, Arkansas, and Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Marlene is recognized as a Senior Paralegal. She has a proven track record of success in remote work and the effective implementation of new technologies.

In her role as a Senior Paralegal, Marlene applies her skills in management and operational excellence to establish and uphold best practices and procedures while coordinating complex legal projects. She also takes an active role in training junior paralegals and legal assistants. Marlene's professional background extends beyond the legal field, as she previously worked in professional broadcasting.

Ms. Campbell is a graduate of Boise State University's Paralegal Studies Program and obtained a Certified Legal Assistant certification through NALA. She is committed to ongoing professional development, with plans to pursue specialized certifications in various areas of law. Outside of her professional endeavors, Marlene is the owner and operator of a breed-specific dog rescue, specializing in German Shepherds. These diverse experiences collectively contribute to Marlene's considerable value as a team member.

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