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Why hire a corporate lawyer in Houston from Lloyd & Mousilli Attorneys & Counselors at Law? There are many reasons you may find. You need our expertise in the course of owning a business and performing corporate transactions. We are committed to meeting your needs in a way that no other law firm in the Houston area can, starting with a free consultation with our staff. Our legal team is made up of the best Houston, TX business and corporate attorneys, so it’s no wonder we have earned a reputation for excellence throughout the community.

Legal Areas of Practice: What Does a Corporate Lawyer Do?

Whether your company is small, medium or large, our firm can handle a wide variety of corporate cases, which each of our Houston corporate lawyers being highly specialized in a different field of business legal needs. If your business has a legal question or concern, chances are we have the right Houston business attorney for you, so you can make the right decisions now and avoid potential liability in the future.

Intellectual Property: Patent Attorneys for Business

Our patent attorneys can assist you with securing a provisional patent, acquiring a design patent, or recording a utility patent. You’ll find information on our website regarding all three types of patent applications; let us know if we can assist you in filing a patent in the near future. Attorney Jeoyuh Lin is our Patent Attorney, considered one of the best lawyers for businesses and corporate law in Houston when it comes to patents.

Intellectual Property: Trademarks

In addition to patents, Lloyd & Mousilli in Houston, TX also has lawyers that specialize in helping you secure a trademark for your business. Trademarks are a form of protecting the intellectual property that distinguishes your business, products and services. With the help of a corporate attorney from our team, you will be able to understand the different levels of trademarking (including registering with the USPTO, the ultimate form of corporate protection for a business), how much protection each can afford you, and avoid risking the liability of not correctly registering, using or enforcing trademarks.

Corporate Law for Startups

We assist business owners with forming, launching, and growing start-up businesses in and around the Houston area. We’ve served as legal consultants to many different start-ups within our own firm, giving our business lawyers team a unique perspective on the underlying challenges involved and the business expertise necessary for success. A small business attorney from Lloyd & Mousilli is here to help you avoid potential legal pitfalls of the beginning stages of your business, just as they’ve done for many other startups and businesses.

Transactional: Business Contracts

Lloyd & Mousilli Attorneys and Counselors at Law is one of the only Houston, TX corporate law firms — and transactional law firms in Houston — offering a free phone consultation for business owners and executives who need sound legal advice when looking to hire an attorney. We know that your business will, at some time in the future, need a contract lawyer in their corner. When that time comes, we will be here for you to help your company navigate business formation agreements, operating agreements, asset purchase agreements, and many other types of contracts and transactions. The importance of choosing the right corporate lawyer in Houston simply cannot be overstated.

Transactional: Litigation

In the course of business operations, you may, from time to time, require a team of legal dispute and litigation experts to handle business litigation, arbitration, mediation, and dispute resolution. Litigation is often a necessary component of performing business when experiencing a breakdown in communications that cannot be settled otherwise. We can offer an uncommon commitment to meeting your business needs that is not found from other Houston, TX corporate lawyers and law firms. Our litigation lawyers work with clients to achieve the most favorable outcome.

Additional Areas of Practice in Our Houston Firm

As your trusted Houston business lawyer and corporate lawyer at Lloyd & Mousilli Attorneys and Counselors at Law, our law firm also specializes in trademarks, copyrights, corporate law, and litigation. In general, our lawyers handle anything pertaining to starting a business, protecting your intellectual property, or corporate contract law. We are home to the best and brightest legal minds and corporate lawyers in the greater Houston area, serving our community with a commitment to meeting the needs of our clients, first and foremost.

Houston Business Law Experience

Our lawyers are distinguished for their experience; previously, they have served at some of the largest firms and companies before coming into our own corporate attorney practice. Lloyd & Mousilli’s lawyers have previously worked at the legal departments of Dell and Apple, and we have provided corporate legal counsel to Amazon. Our top rated corporate law firm in Houston, Texas is now the partner of choice for tech startups across Silicon Valley, and internationally in Europe and the Middle East. In addition to our home office in Houston, Lloyd & Mousilli PLLC also has offices in Dallas, Texas; Austin, Texas; Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Clients in Texas, Silicon Valley and abroad have praised our firm for providing world-class law services at reasonable fees.

Contact Our Law Office

Contact the law office of Lloyd & Mousilli today for a free consultation when you call (512) 609-0059 or connect with us through email at We’ll connect you with the best corporate lawyer to handle a case for your business. Get to know our lawyers by clicking ‘Our Team’ and exploring the resources found therein; we are confident you will find we are the best choice when you need a corporate lawyer in Houston.

Corporate Lawyer Houston

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